Spout pouch

Spout pouch

Spout pouch

Spout pouches,it is a kind of flexible pouch packaging that assemble with a spout cap on top or corner of pouch,mainly presented as bottom gusset or side gusset


liquid or semi-liquid products / powder products / granules products


- spout pouch filling machine (filled from spout)

- spout pouch filling and sealing machine (filled from pouch top)

what is a spout pouch?

spout pouch,also known as fitment pouches,it is a kind of flexible packaging bags with gusseted sides or bottoms and assembled with a recloseable fitment.

As a kind of once underestimated packaging,now it has became a kind of new packaging trend of food industry or non-food industry and becoming more prevalent across many industries due to advances in flexible packaging materials and an increasingly wide variety of convenient fitments,alike for packing liquid, viscous and fine powder products,it is available in a range of different shapes and sizes,this is the perfect format for providing powerful branding and attractive on shelf product presentation.

spout bags are available with a range of different spout fittings and delivery methods depending on your product requirements and filling capabilities,and to be an innovative and convenient alternative to rigid glass, metal and plastic bottles.

basic knowledge of spout pouch
types of spout bag
types of spout bag May 24 , 2019 About the types of spout pouch/bag,frankly speaking,most of buyers don’t know how to call them,someone like to call them based on the packaging content,such as "juice pouch","jelly pouch"......someone like to call them based on their local habit,such as"doypack","stand up pouch with spout",sure,these name is all right,but not the professional terminolgy.Here let's... Read More
spout pouches material structure
spout pouches material structure Jul 04 , 2019 The same as the other types of flexible packaging,the spout pouches are constituted by material structure.As per the different usage and barrier characteristic,it can be divided into many kinds of material we only introduce some common used spout pouches material structure for your reference,not expalin theirs specific functions. ... Read More
size of spout pouch
size of spout pouch Jul 09 , 2019 About the size of spout pouch,it maybe one of questions that the buyers most care about.sometimes they need this information for the pouch artwork design,sometimes this information is relate to the making of theirs filling machine......However,it should be known that these size of spout pouch is un-fixed based on different packaging contents,for example,the powder can... Read More
spout pouch filling method
spout pouch filling method Jul 11 , 2019 How the spout pouch filling?in other words,that means how to select a right types of spout pouch filling machine for your spout pouch,sometime,the buyers just have a sample spout pouch in hand,even or an image of pouch only,they didn't know how to select a right machine at all,however,just need to remember below precondition,it will be came to easy. types... Read More
spoutbags manufacturing process
spoutbags manufacturing process Dec 01 , 2021 How the spoutbags manufacturing?I believe that more than 90% of buyer through it is easy to be made,or directly making by the pouch making machine?sure not.On principle,the manufacturing process of spoutbags is the same as the one of the other flexible packaging style.that is need to pass 5 baisc process,and plus a special process-spout inserting.... Read More
article of spout pouch
How to measure the total thickness of spouted doypacks?
How to measure the total thickness of spouted doypacks? Sep 14 , 2021 What is the total thickness of spouted doypacks? Relative article:spout pouches material structure As said as my pre-article shows,the spout pouch is composed by different kinds of material structure,its total thickness is the sum of different materials + printing ink + lamination adhesive and solvent. How to measure the total... Read More
How to distinguish the aluminium pouches with spouts?
How to distinguish the aluminium pouches with spouts? Sep 20 , 2021 What is aluminium pouches with spout?it is a kind of pouches with spouts which made by”PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE”or”PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP”,when you get a spout pouch sample in hand,how to confirm it is composed by these kind of material structure?Here let me introduce some simple method. By hand feeling method Because the foil pouches... Read More
How to customized the total thickness of spout pouch?
How to customized the total thickness of spout pouch? Sep 28 , 2021 Relative article:How to measure the total thickness of spouted doypacks? As said as my pre-article shows how to measure the total thickness of spout pouch,however,if you have not any spout pouch sample,how to customized the total thickness? 1-About the total thickness,what is connecting with? (1)Packaging content... Read More
What is corner spout stand up pouch?
What is corner spout stand up pouch? Mar 28 , 2022 corner spout pouch,This is a kind of spout pouch with multi-packaging function,it is one of common packaging style which is widely saw in the supermarket,compare with the other spout pouch style,its packaging function is widely,such as liquid detergent,juice,oil,sugar,protein powder and etc,they are applied to this kind of packaging,however,if you are observing them... Read More
How to load the spout packing bag properly?
How to load the spout packing bag properly? Mar 30 , 2022 As one of flexible packaging style,spout packaging bag owned a big advantagement,that is lightweight and squeezable,it means,comparing with the traditional rigid packaging,spout pouch can be packaging more in quantity,in other words,it can be saved more transport cost for the buyers.However,how to best utilize this advantage?Only the spout packing pouch plant scan give... Read More
How to get an exactly spout pouch price?
How to get an exactly spout pouch price? Apr 01 , 2022 To calculate out an exactly spout pouch price,what calculation factors the suppliers needs? 1-Spout pouch style 2-Spout pouches material structure and thickness 3-Dimension of spout pouch 4-Spout size 5-Order quantity So that they could calculate out the total cost they used for the production.Normally,if our... Read More
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