shaped doypack bags with corner spout
shaped doypack bags with corner spout

Shaped doypack bags with corner spout are a unique presentation derived from the corner spout doypack concept. These bags are designed with a bottom gusset, allowing the bag to expand when filled with product, providing a supportive base that enables it to stand upright on the shelf. The shape of these pouches can be customized and designed according to the customer's preference, offering a distinctive and eye-catching packaging solution


In the ever-growing popularity of doypack pouches and bags, shapes have become a new frontier for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out on the shelf. Shaped pouches provide a guaranteed way to grab attention in retail environments. With advanced in-house pouch converting equipment and die-cutting technology, customized pouches with modern and ergonomic shapes can be designed and manufactured.


Die-cut shapes offer several advantages to shaped doypack bags. They can reinforce branding, add convenience by making the package easier to use, and even provide structural benefits such as additional stability or preventing "stress cracking". The modern die-cutting equipment allows for the production of unique shapes outside of the norm without compromising efficiency. Whether simple shapes, rounded corners, or more complex designs, shaped pouches can be produced effectively.


Why choose shaped doypack bags?

Durable and functional: Shaped doypack bags with corner spouts are made from high-quality and durable materials, ensuring product protection and longevity.

Customizable and printable: These pouches can be customized in terms of shape, size, material, and printing options, allowing for unique branding and design elements.

Enhanced shelf presence: The distinctive shape of the pouches helps them stand out on the shelf, attracting consumer attention and increasing product visibility.

Convenient and resealable: The corner spout design allows for easy pouring and resealing between uses, providing convenience for consumers and maintaining product freshness.

Sustainable alternative: Shaped doypack bags offer a more sustainable packaging option compared to traditional alternatives, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Industries suited to shaped doypack bags:

Alcoholic drinks


Fruit juices

Shower gels


Shaped doypack bags with corner spouts are particularly suitable for liquid-based products or products that need to be poured. They offer easy access to the contents and can be resealed, making them ideal for various industries such as beverages, dairy products, personal care, and cosmetics.


In conclusion, shaped doypack bags with corner spout are a unique and customizable packaging solution that provides durability, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Their customized shape and corner spout design make them stand out on the shelf, and they can be used in various industries to package liquid-based products.

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