What impact to be if your doypack pouch with spout happen a leakage problem?

Jul 24,2021 | Views: 609

What impact to be if your stand up pouch with spout happen a leakage problem?maybe it is first time you use this kind of packaging and had never considered about this problem,however,if you think seriously about the coming consequences,it's really scary to think about it.


1-Economic loss

As the first impact,the economic loss must be huge,the unit cost of doypack pouch with spout is 10%-20% of the one of your products only,however,if the unit cost is equally shared the import tax,sales tax,advertising expenses and etc,plus the loss of product inside the pouch,the total loss per unit is occupied 120% of product selling price,or more.

2-Brand value

To the brand value,the impact of leakage is far more deadly,to build up the brand image, rapid development, create value,no matter it is money,focusing or time,they are all huge and long term,undoubtedly,a serious leakage problem can destroy the brand image quickly and leave a bad impression to theirs consumers, meanwhiles,the customers need to face the market competitions,you can image that,when your stand up pouch with spout is encountered the serious leakage problem,but your competitor didn't,as a consumer,which brand they will select?

Sure, these loss maybe the beginning only, the worse things is waiting for you.

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