Why to choose us

Why to choose us

Why to choose Fenbo as your flexible packaging companies?

  • Developmental advantage

Since 1990,the forerunner of Shantou flexible plastic packaging industry had started exploring and studying various of flexible packaging technology for China packaged food industry,With the accumulation of time and experience,since 2000,Shantou has became the leader of China flexible packaging industry,along of the high development of flexible packaging,the different types of flexible packaging are got a quickly development and tends to mature,as well as its supporting pack machine and products,until now,more than 50% of China food manufacturers select to purchase their flexible packaging and the supporting machine of companies that come from Shantou city.

  • Experiencial advantage

Experience is irreplaceable and need to be accumulated and gained in practices,after the development close to 30 years,our forerunner accumulated long term of practice experience,both good experience and bad experience,these bad experience teach us many miserable lesson,but,it also teach us how to foresee and avoid the happening of these quality problems,it cause our clients always trust our experience.

  • Technical advantage

Fexible packaging,it is always closely related with its supporting machine,more than 50% of nonarbitrary quality problems are caused as the non-cooperation between the “packaging” and “machine”,besides the experienced flexible packaging technology,Fenbo Packaging also owned rich experience in this field and always help our clients to foresee or solve these problem before the problem occurred.

Maybe,Fenbo Packaging is not your best choice while you are considering about the pricing,but,we must be one of most comprehensive flexible packaging companies in China,which could help you more.