Why the aluminium spout pouch need to include a Nylon layer?

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When comparing the common doypack aluminium with the material structure that includes an additional layer of NYLON, one may wonder why it is necessary to add this extra layer. The purpose of this essay is to explore the significance of the NYLON layer in the context of spout pouch packaging.

If we were to eliminate the NYLON layer from the aluminium spout pouch, we would encounter several issues. The PE (polyethylene) plastic, which is commonly used in spout pouches, can only withstand temperatures up to 100℃. However, the heat sealing temperature of the welding spout process can reach as high as 120℃-130℃. As a result, when the temperature is transmitted through the layer of aluminium foil, 80%-90% of the heat will directly impact the PE layer.

aluminium spout pouch without the Nylon layer

This uneven distribution of temperature can lead to two possible scenarios. Firstly, if the temperature transmission is just right, the PE layer remains intact. However, if the temperature exceeds 100℃, a portion of the PE layer may be "destroyed," resulting in potential leakage issues with the pouch.

 aluminium spout pouch and common doypack aluminium

One might suggest reducing the heat sealing temperature as a solution to this problem. However, this approach also presents its own set of challenges. Lowering the temperature can result in either the PE layer remaining intact or the inability to tightly weld the PE layer with the spout neck, leading to leakage problems once again.


It is in this context that the importance of the NYLON layer becomes apparent. NYLON, as a plastic with good heat resistance and heat transmission characteristics, serves to protect the PE layer from the uneven distribution of temperature. Additionally, it enhances the overall durability of the spout pouch, making it more resistant to impact forces.


In conclusion, the inclusion of the NYLON layer in the material structure of thespout pouch bagsis essential for ensuring the integrity and reliability of the packaging. By providing a protective barrier for the PE layer and enhancing the pouch's durability, NYLON plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the spout pouch. Therefore, the addition of the NYLON layer is not only necessary but also beneficial in ensuring the functionality and performance of the aluminium spout pouch.


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