Why the aluminium spout pouch need to include a Nylon layer?

Sep 06,2019 | Views: 1139

Comparing with the common doypack aluminium, we can find the material structure included one more layer-NYLON, so, why it need to add this layer?

aluminium spout pouch and common doypack aluminium

Ok, let’s see what happens if we let the aluminium spout pouch cancel this Nylon layer?

aluminium spout pouch without the Nylon layer

PE is a kind of plastic that only could resist 100℃ in max and the heat sealing temperature of weldspout process is high(approx up to 120℃-130℃),when the temperature transmit through the layer of aluminum foil,80%-90% of temperature will be directly acted on the PE layer.

If the ratio of temperature transmission is unstable, it will cause below two situation:

(1) The temperature transmission is just right, the PE layer is intact.

(2) The temperature transmission is beyond 100℃, a partial of PE layer is “destroyed” and cause the pouch leakage problem.

Can we solve this problem by reducing the heat sealing temperature? Yes, but it will still cause another two situation:

(1) The temperature transmission is just right, and the PE layer is intact

(2) The temperature transmission is below 100℃ and PE layer can not be welded tightly with the spout neck, it will still cause the aluminium spout pouch leakage problem

Nylon is a kind of plastic with good heat resistance and heat transmission character,one side,it can be ”protected”  the PE layer,another side,it can let the spout pouch bags owned a better character against the impact force,why not?

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