Spout pouches material structure

Jul 04,2019 | Views: 1928
Spout pouches are a type of flexible packaging that comes in various material structures. These spout pouches structure are designed to cater to different usage and barrier characteristics.


For top spout doypack, the material structures include PET/LLDPE, PET/PET/LLDPE, PET/Metalized-PET/LLDPE, PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE, PET/Nylon/RCPP, and PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP.

top spout doy pack material structure 

For corner spout doy pack, the material structures include PET/PET/LLDPE, PET/Metalized-PET/LLDPE, PET/Nylon/LLDPE, PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE, PET/Nylon/RCPP, and PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP.

corner spout doypack materiales structure 

For spouted cheerpack,the material structures include PET/Nylon/LLDPE, PET/AL/Nylon/LLDPE, and PET/AL/Nylon/RCPP.

spouted cheer pouch material structure 

These spout pouches structure are designed to meet specific packaging needs and offer different functionalities.

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