Lidding machine

Lidding machine

Lidding machines,it is a kind of filling and sealing machines which is specialized for the food packaging container(cup or container).


liquid or semi-liquid products


-plastic cup or food container

-sealing film

Basic working process of lidding machines

auto cup/container feeding->auto products filling->auto sealing cup/container by lidding film->auto cup/container discharge

what is a lidding machines?

lidding machines,it is a kind of automatic filling and sealing machine which specialized for the plastic food packaging containers,it is used to heat seal the film to the top of pre-formed containers and be capable of containing the foods within them.

In general,this kind of machine had been replaced by the thermoform fill seal machine step by step,however,in terms of filling speed and stability of machine,undoubtedly,it is still irreplaceable,especially for the packaged foods which require to be pasteurization processed.

Basic knowledge of lidding machine
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