Spout pouch

Spout pouch

Spout pouch
A spout pouch, it is a kind of flexible pouch packaging that assemble with a spout cap on top or corner of pouch,mainly presented as bottom gusset or side gusset,also known as a fitment pouch, is a type of flexible packaging bag that has gusseted sides or bottoms and is assembled with a reclosable fitment, such as a spout cap. Spout pouches have gained popularity in the food industry and other industries due to advancements in flexible packaging materials and the availability of various convenient fitments. They are commonly used for packaging liquid, viscous, and fine powder products. These pouches come in different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for branding and attractive shelf presentation. Spout pouches offer a range of spout fittings and delivery methods to cater to different product requirements and filling capabilities. They serve as an innovative and convenient alternative to rigid glass, metal, and plastic bottles.

1~Product Protection: Spout pouches are made from high-quality materials that provide excellent barrier properties, such as protection against oxygen, moisture, UV light, and punctures. This helps to extend the shelf life and maintain the quality of the product.

2~Convenient and Easy to Use: The spout cap on the pouch allows for easy pouring and dispensing of the product. It eliminates the need for additional utensils, making it convenient for consumers to use on the go.

3~Space and Cost-Efficient: Spout pouches are compact and lightweight, requiring less storage and transportation space compared to rigid packaging options such as bottles or cans. This helps to reduce shipping costs and environmental impact.

4~Enhanced Branding and Shelf Appeal: The printing capabilities of spout pouches enable high-quality graphics and vibrant colors, making the packaging visually attractive to consumers. The unique shape and design of spouted pouches also help products stand out on store shelves.

5~Sustainability: Spout pouches are generally made from materials that are recyclable or have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional packaging options. They contribute to reducing plastic waste and are a more sustainable choice for packaging.

6~Applications of Spout Pouches

Spout pouches are versatile and can be used for various products, including:Liquid and semi-liquid food items such as sauces, drinks, condiments, and baby food.Powdered products like coffee, protein powders, spices, and snacks.Granulated products such as pet food, fertilizers, and detergents.

In conclusion, spout pouches offer numerous benefits such as product protection, convenience, cost-efficiency, and enhanced branding. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and provide a sustainable packaging solution. The versatility and customization options make spout pouches an ideal choice for businesses looking to differentiate their products and improve customer experience.

basic knowledge of spout pouch
Spout pouches material structure
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Size of spout pouch
Size of spout pouch Jul 09 , 2019 The size of spout pouch is a critical aspect that commands significant attention from buyers and manufacturers alike. This dimension holds paramount importance, influencing various aspects ranging from pouch artwork design to the configuration of filling machines. However, it is imperative to recognize that the size of spout pouch remains inherently variable,... Read More
Spout pouch filling method
Spout pouch filling method Jul 11 , 2019 The process of selecting the appropriate spout pouch filling machine is a critical aspect of ensuring efficient and effective packaging. When faced with the task of choosing the right machine, it is common for buyers to encounter challenges, particularly when they possess only a sample spout pouch or an image of the pouch. In such instances, understanding... Read More
Spoutbags manufacturing process
Spoutbags manufacturing process Dec 01 , 2021 The manufacturing process of spoutbags is often misunderstood by many buyers. It is commonly believed that spout bags are easy to make or can be directly produced by a pouch making machine. However, this is not the case. In principle, the manufacturing process of spoutbag is similar to that of other flexible packaging styles, requiring the completion of five basic... Read More
article of spout pouch
Why the liquid spilled from the spout of spout sachet?
Why the liquid spilled from the spout of spout sachet? Apr 08 , 2022 The issue of spilled liquid content from the spout while opening the cap of a spout sachet is a common concern for manufacturers utilizing this type of packaging for their liquid products. This frequently asked question arises from the frustration of both producers and consumers who encounter this problem. There are several reasons that can cause this... Read More
Spout pouches supplier,which kind you are searching for?
Spout pouches supplier,which kind you are searching for? Apr 12 , 2022 The market research analyses of spout pouch from ”DATA BRIDGE” have indicated a significant growth in the market for spout pouches in the coming years. According to the forecast period of 2021 to 2028, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9%, with the market share of liquid packaging spout pouches reaching 75% to 80%. This presents a lucrative opportunity... Read More
Why the MOQ of some spout bag manufacturer is low?
Why the MOQ of some spout bag manufacturer is low? Apr 14 , 2022 In the world of spout bag manufacturer, it is not uncommon to come across suppliers on platforms such as Google or Alibaba offering a minimum order quantity (MOQ) as low as 10000 or 5000 units. However, our company maintains a significantly higher MOQ of 100000 units per design. This may raise questions among potential customers, and it is important to address the... Read More
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Stand up pouches with spouts made by PET/LLDPE?
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Two different handle of corner spout stand up pouch
Two different handle of corner spout stand up pouch May 25 , 2022 With the rapid development of spout stand up pouch, various non-food industries, such as the cleaning product and motor oil industry, have gradually adopted this type of packaging. The most common presentation is the 1~5 litre stand up pouch style, often equipped with an "easy take" handle. In this essay, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of... Read More
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