Spoutbags manufacturing process

Dec 01,2021 | Views: 451

How the spoutbags manufacturing? I believe that more than 90% of buyer through it is easy to be made, or directly making by the pouch making machine? Sure not. On principle, the manufacturing process of spoutbags is the same as the one of the other flexible packaging style. That is need to pass 5 basic process, and plus a special process-spout inserting.

1-Printing process

Printing is 1st process of all the flexible packaging, which is printed customer’s design artwork on the PET layer by rotogravure printing machine.

2-Lamination process

Lamination is 2nd process of all the flexible packaging, which is let the materials of printing layer, barrier layer and contact layer laminated together.

3-Hot drying and cooling process

Hot drying and cooling is 3rd process of all the flexible packaging, that is let the printing ink/adhesive/solvent dry out exactly.

4-Slitting process

Slitting is 4th process of all the flexible packaging, which is cut off the bleed part of film roll.

5-Pouch making process

Pouch making is 5th process of manufacturing, which is making out the pouch body as per your requirement.

6-Spout inserting process

This process is an additional process to all the spoutbag making, which is let the spout and pouch body weld together.

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