lidding film


lidding film,also named as sealing films,it is a kind of special rollstock which are specialized for the sealing on to top of food container,in order to protect the shelf life of filled product.

It is typically used as a closure on plastic container(such as plastic bowls, cups, or trays) that hold products like yogurt, soup, meats, cheese, and many other food products,with the essential strength, peelability, puncture resistance and barrier properties required to maintain the product freshness,our high quality lidding films provide great shelf presence and extended shelf life for a variety of ‘easy peel’ or ‘weld seal’ (un peelable)applications.We have years of experience matching the correct film type with a particular plastic container material and offer lidding film solutions for a wide range of types, including PP, PET, PVC, PS. We can also match your lidding requirements with thermoform, semi-rigid bottom web films.

Why to lidding film
We have one of the most diverse lidding film ranges available on the global market today. Specially developed to protect, present and preserve, our market-leading lidding films include films with superior peelability, strength and clarity, as well as exceptional barrier capabilities
Our lidding film range is packed with exciting features all of which provide unmissable benefits include films with superior peelability, strength and clarity, as well as exceptional barrier capabilities. to ensure we can cover all demands of the convenience food and fresh produce markets and cater for ambient, chilled and frozen food packaging requirements.Depending on your needs, we can offer a range of lidding films that allow for different sealing methods. From extra secure seals for high-value products to resealing functionality to help preserve freshness, our lidding films can do the job you need.
We supply lidding film suitable for use in the microwave, as well as ovenable packaging so food can go from factory to table without having to be opened until ready to eat, the ultimate in consumer convenience and safety.lidding films are the perfect choice for so many applications. We can provide reliable products for ready meals through to fresh produce and everything in between. Our films can protect food and non-food items as well as liquids, solids and powders to help prevent waste and ensure food is presented at its best.
Our lidding films are suitable for hot and cold fill applications and can be used in conventional and microwave ovens.Many of our lidding films can be enhanced with additional layers to allow for extra barrier, strength or film clarity depending on your needs.

-High adhesiveness.Delamination often occurs when opening the lid and it gives consumers adverse impression. Using a high adhesive film is effective to prevent this.
-Dimensional stability.Using a film with excellent dimensional stability enables us to print designs in exact positions on the lids of plastic containers.
-Straining tightly.Polyamide film shrinks under hot water treatments; the tightening of the film makes the products look more visually appealing.

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