cheer pack with spout


cheer pack with spout,it is a special presentation of spouted bag,it is presented as a side gusset or flat bottom pouch style and its spout cap located on the top of pouch,pioneered and named by Cheer Pack North America.It is usually intended to describe a bag with bottom and side gusseted, so when the product is filled into the bag, the bottom and side will expand and works as a supporting base for the package, that will cause the bag to well stand on the shelf.

As the flat bottom enables them to steadily stand,meanwhile,the quad-seals, side-gussets and flat bottom offering an elegant appearance and more information to attract customers on the shelves.It can be said, cheer pack with spout is a kind of spout pouch that combined the gusset pouch and the spout in a perfect way.

Optional material structure of cheer pack with spout:




Application of machine:

Spout pouch filling machine

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