foil lids


foil lids,it is a kind of pre-cutting lidding material from aluminium foil intended for sealing of plastic cups or containers for different types of products.

aluminum foil lids can be divided into different thicknesses: 30, 35 or 38 microns, and used in the food industry for sealing plastic cups or container (PP, PS, PET), protecting their contents.foil lidsis used in the food industry play a double role: (1)help sealing the products;(2)an important promotion channel.additional,depending on the equipment used for applying the lid on the container and the requested effect, we do several types of embossing ,such as Bidirectional needle embossing/Unidirectional needle embossing/Vermicular or classic emboss /Rim emboss/Logo emboss.

Why to Foil Lids 

Foil Lids can provide the important advantage of providing a total barrier against water vapour and oxygen transmission, as well as light and aroma. This makes it an ideal choice for sensitive and extended shelf life products.Whether you are packaging yoghurt, milk, ice cream , desserts or coffee, we have decades of experience in supplying highly quality foil lids underwritten with ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certification. just as it, our Die cut lids always welcome by some biggest China dairy industries company,Our quality ensures that we deliver premium gravure printing quality, high heatseal strength, provide leak-free durability and control gas exchanges to promote the specific barrier properties needed to keep your products fresh.We have a number of embossing cylinders to make your product stand out from the crowd. These include the straight forward pin-dot format through to a highly patterned grub embossing effect.

-Excellent strength.
-Glossy finish.
-High sturdiness.
-Non-poisonous and odorless.
-Excellent tight performance and very easy peel.
-Super damp-proof function.
-Superior and fine artwork print.
-Environmental protection material and can be recycled.
-Good sealing strength, with flat and tight sealing.
-Leakage resistant.
-Vivid and bright color printing.
-Customized orders available.

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