How to get an exactly spout pouch price?

Apr 01,2022 | Views: 101

To calculate out an exactly spout pouch price,what calculation factors the suppliers needs?

-Spout pouch style

-Spout pouches material structure and thickness

-Dimension of spout pouch

-Spout size

-Order quantity

So that they could calculate out the total cost they used for the production.Normally,if our customers ask for an quotation for the spout pouch packaging price,I will always ask below questions.

1-What kind of product you pack?

To define what kind of material structure to be adopted by

2-How many ml or gram to be packed?

To define the thickness of material structure and size of spout pouch

3-Do you have a reference sample in hand?can you send us by the courier such as DHL,Fedex?

To define the size of spout pouch and pouch style,surely,if we can get the reference sample pouch,the spout packaging price can be calculated out within 10 mins,as well as the detailed packing information.

4-What is your order quantity initial?

The larger quantity,the more competitive unit spout pouch price

So,before you send an email to the suppliers for an exactly spout pouch price,please prepare above information,it can be saved you a lot of time.

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