fin seal vertical packaging machine

This series of fin seal vertical packaging machine(VFFS) to complete the bag, measuring, filling, nitrogen, play yards, cut bags and so on. Suitable for packaging powder / granular / liquid and etc products which specialized for using the fin seal pouch style.The vertical baggers (VFFS) is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products. The vertical packaging machine constructs plastic bags out of a flat roll of plastic film, while simultaneously filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags. Both solids and liquids can be bagged using this packaging system.

Working process (tube style): 
1#machine is prepared by loading the appropriate film roll.
2#film winds through a series of rollers and is shaped into a tube.
3#tube is closed at the bottom by clamps creating the bottom of the bag.
4#raw material is dropped into the half formed bag.
5#bag is sealed at the top.
6#seal forms the bottom of the next bag.
7#bottom seal is cut in the middle separating the bag from the next one.

Working process (collar style): 

1#film from reel made into a tube over forming shoulder.
2#longitudinal seal made.
3#bottom of tube closed by heated crimped jaws which move downwards drawing film from reel.
4#predetermined quantity of product falls through collar into pouch.
5#jaws open and return on top of stroke.
6#jaws partially close and ‘scrape’ product into pouch out of seal area.
7#jaws close,crimp heat seal top of previous pouch and bottom of new one.
8#crimp sealed container cut off with knife.

Other optional device of fin seal vertical packaging machine

1#Power->auger filling pump
2#Liquid->liquid filling pump
3#Granule->multi-heads scale

Feature of fin seal vertical packaging machine

1. Equipped with safety protection, comply with firm's safety management requirements.
2. Intelligent temperature, precise temperature control, ensure nice, smooth seal.
3. Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to form the drive control center, which maximize the machine's control precision, reliability and intelligence.
4. Touch screen can store the technical parameters of a variety of different products, when the replacement product is ready to use without re-setting.
5. Have error indicating system failure, timely troubleshooting help.

6. Can be made according to customer needs pillow-shaped bags, hanging bags and so on.

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