Stand up pouch

Stand up pouch

Stand up pouch

Stand up pouch,it is a kind of flexible pouches packaging which is able to stand by its bottom for display,with characters of light,space-saving,a wide range of uses


liquid or semi-liquid products / powder products / granules products and etc.


-rotary doypackpackaging machine

what is a stand up pouch?

stand up pouch,also known as doypack,according to PACKAGING DIGEST,"the basic doyen design consists of two flat sheets sealed together along their sides,with a 'W' fold running along the bottom.When the pouch is filled,the 'W' opens and provides a base on which the pouch can stand”,This pouch type was revolutionary,boasting the ability to stand upright on its own,hence is also known today as the standing pouch.

It is vailable in a range of barrier laminates and help to extend your products shelf life while clever resealability and easy open functions help to keep your product fresh for longer.

Its advantages allow you to maximize your shelf presence and brand perception while reducing packaging costs and weight.

Feature of stand up pouch

-Choose from a standard press to close or easy use velcro zipper to maintain your product freshness. Pair any zipper with our easy open tear notch for a clean, straight tear every time.

-Choose to swap our standard square corners for rounded edges. This convenient feature avoids any damage that could be caused by sharp corners, improving the packs storage and usability.

-Depending on the volume you are packing, we can offer you a doy or k-seal gusset. Our doy pouch is suitable for lightweight products while the k-seal pouch is more durable for higher volumes.

-Increase the levels of consumer engagement with your product by including a clear or frosted window in your stand-up pouch design.

-Available in sizes ranging from 50g to 15kg.

-Finish / Aesthetics-Available in a matt, gloss, de-metalized, unprinted and registered matt finish.

-Pack Properties-Available with oxygen, moisture, UV, aroma and puncture barriers to protect your products integrity.

-Filling and Sealing-Heat sealable and suitable for hot and cold filling, retort and sterilization.

-Materials-multi-layer laminates using materials such as OPP / CPP / PET / PE / PP / NY / ALU / MetPET,freshest food Grade Materials.

-Printing Process-Gravure print up to 12 colours.

-Choose from press to close zipper, velcro zipper, pocket zipper, easy open tear notch, euro slot, product window, round corners, degassing valve.

basic knowledge of stand up pouch
Types of stand up pouches
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Stand up pouch material structure
Stand up pouch material structure Jul 16 , 2019 The same as the other types of flexible packaging, the stand up pouches material structure. As per the different usage and barrier characteristic, it can be divided into many kinds of material structure. Here we only introduce some common used stand up pouch structure for your reference, not explain theirs specific functions. ... Read More
Stand up pouches dimensions and sizes
Stand up pouches dimensions and sizes Jul 18 , 2019 About the stand up pouch dimensions, it may be one of questions that the buyers most care about. Sometimes they need this information for the pouch artwork design, sometimes this information is relate to the making of theirs filling machine......However, it should be known that these stand up pouch dimensions/ stand up pouches sizes is un-fixed based on... Read More
article of stand up pouch
How to make the stand up pouches with a window?
How to make the stand up pouches with a window? Oct 21 , 2020 What is a stand up pouches with window? It is one types of stand up pouches with a "pre-viewing perspective”, thru this window, let the consumers clear known what product is packaging inside, in order to lead the customers desire to purchase them. Maybe, your products are also using this kind of packaging, however, do you know which kind of detailed styles they... Read More
What is aluminum washing standing pouches?
What is aluminum washing standing pouches? Apr 26 , 2021 What is aluminum washing? As its name implies, this is a kind of technology that hollow out partial “aluminum foil” of packaging by the method of “alkali washing” or ”water washing”.at the beginning, it is only applied to the packaging of tobacco, as the technology continuing to be mature, it is widely applied to the other different industry, such as the... Read More
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