Types of stand up pouches

May 28,2019 | Views: 1116

About the types of stand up pouches, most of buyers like to directly call them as "stand up pouch”, “zip lock pouch" based on the packaging content or their local habit, sure, these name is all right, but not the professional terminology. Here let's introduce the specific classification of these types of stand up pouches, as well as theirs professional terminology.

1-heat seal stand up bags

heat seal stand up bags

As a most common presentation in all types of stand up pouches and bag, it is presented as a square shape with K-seal bottom gusset and the product is filled and sealed at top of pouch.

2-stand up pouches with zipper

stand up pouches with zipper

As another most common presentation of stand-up pouch bag, it is developed from the heat seal stand up bags, its top is opened and matched a zip lock instead.

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