How thick is a stand up pouch?

Jul 04,2024 | Views: 40
The thickness of a stand-up pouch can vary depending on its intended use and the material from which it is made. Typically, stand-up pouches range from 2 mils (50 microns) to 6 mils (150 microns) in thickness. Here’s a general breakdown:

2 to 3 mils (50 to 75 microns): Suitable for lightweight products, such as snacks or dry goods.

3 to 4 mils (75 to 100 microns): Common for medium-weight products, offering a balance of strength and flexibility.

4 to 6 mils (100 to 150 microns): Used for heavier products or those requiring extra protection, such as liquids, powders, or items with sharp edges.

The thickness you choose will depend on factors like the product's weight, the need for barrier protection (e.g., against moisture, oxygen, or light), and the desired level of durability.

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