Stand up pouches dimensions and sizes

Jul 18,2019 | Views: 1547

About the stand up pouch dimensions, it may be one of questions that the buyers most care about. Sometimes they need this information for the pouch artwork design, sometimes this information is relate to the making of theirs filling machine......However, it should be known that these stand up pouch dimensions/ stand up pouches sizes is un-fixed based on different packaging contents, for example, the powder can be divided into small powder, big powder; the granules can be divided into small granules, middle granules and large granules, sometime it is powder + granules; here the small powder and small granules as the packaging contents is the only one have the fixed size.

1-stand up pouch heat seal

dimension of standing pouch double seal

2-resealable stand up pouches

dimension of resealable stand up pouches

About the shaped stand up pouch, here we don't have any fixed dimension, only depended on our experience to customize the right one for our customer.

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