How to pre-locked the spout pouch caps onto the plastic spout?

Jul 05,2022 | Views: 375

Reference article:How to select an appropriate spout pouch machine for yourself?

As per my pre-article, we had mentioned there are two different filling method / machine if the spout pouch had no any spout gap (step).

spout pouch had no any spout gap (step)

1-Filled by the “premade spout pouch filling and sealing machine”

That is filled the products from the top of pouch.

2-Filled by the” HFFS spout pouch machine”

That is filled the product during the process of horizontal form/ fill / seal.

Normally, this kind of spout pouch caps is pre-locked together with the plastic spout by the capping machine doypack, ensure the security ring of spout pouch caps is locked tight. However, compare with the spout cap didn’t pre-locked together, its cost is 5% expensive more.

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