What is full automatic spout sealing method?

Mar 13,2023 | Views: 301

Reference article: Method of seal spout

As per my pre-article, we had mentioned there are two different kind of spout sealing method which is widely used by flexible packaging suppliers, that is “manual method” and” full automatic method” .So, what is this “automatic method”? as well as its advantages and disadvantages?

This is a new style of spout sealing method which is widely used by 20% of China flexible packaging suppliers. What it used is automatic pouch spout inserter machine.


(1)A steady spout sealing temperature can low down the pouch leakage risk in max.

(2)No special requirement on the experience of “spout sealing”, operation of machine is only require 3~5 staffs.

(3)If it is required the pouch to be”pre-load”, equipped with customized spare part is enough.

(4)Small footprint.


(1)No matter it is machine or seal spout mould, their cost is quite expensive, compare with the cost of manual spout sealing machine, the proportion is 50:1 .

(2)The working effect of single set of machine is low, hard to handle the mass production.

(3)No matter it is “warming up” or “switching”, themould is quite complicated to be operated.

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