What is manual weldspout method?

Mar 13,2023 | Views: 372

Reference article: Method of seal spout

As per my pre-article, we had mentioned there are two different kind of weldspout method which is widely used by flexible packaging suppliers, that is “manual method” and” full automatic method” .So, what is this “manual method”? as well as its advantages and disadvantages?

This is the most traditional weldspout method which is widely used by 80% of China flexible packaging suppliers. What it used ismanual spout sealing machine.


(1)As this method had been existed for nearly 30 years, the experience of some operator is reach the realm of proficiency, “leakage or not?”, Known at touch.

(2)No matter it is machine or mould, their cost is quite competitive.

(3)No matter it is “warming up” or “switching”, spout cap mould is quite easy to be operated.

(4)As it is a kind of “labor intensive” method, easily to handle the mass production.


(1)It is quite depended on the experience of operation staff. For example: when the spout sealing temperature of machine existed high tolerance, it required their experience to predict and make an adjustment.

(2)As it is a kind of “labor intensive” method, it required a huge of working staffs and machine, as well as the wide working area.

(3)This kind of weldspout method can not supply the pouch pre-loading service.

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