What is the basic process of gravure printing?

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How the gravure printing process to be operated? Besides the flexible packaging manufacturers, I believe that most of buyers didn't know what it is.

1-mixing ofgravure ink & solvent

mixing of gravure ink & solvent

Gravure ink solvent need to be mixed as per a certain of proportioning before the printing process, the proportioning of each color is different.

2-installation of gravure printing cylinders & import of mixed printing ink

installation of gravure printing cylinders & import of mixed printing ink

They are also required to be finished before the printing process that is to install the gravure roll onto the roll groove and import the printing ink which has been mixed with a certain proportioning of solvent into the ink groove.

3-primary adjustment of printing color & sample proofing

(1)Primary adjustment of printing color, this process is carried out at the beginning of gravure printing, the printing machine should keep in a slowly running speed, until the printing colors could matching up the one of paper proofing up to 80%-90%.

(2)Sample proofing, when the printing colors has been up to 90%-95% similar, the printing machine should be kept in a medium running speed, meanwhile, it should be got rid of some problem(such as overprinting and etc.) during the printing process constantly, until the qualified sample proofing is emerged.

4-batch production

Once the sample proofing has been finished and accepted by the customer’s QC assistant, the batch printing production could be started.


It is worth mentioning that, no matter what presentation to be(flexible pouch or the flexible packaging film),thegravure printingis all presented as the roll film style, however, most of customers always suppose the printing is processed after the pouch is made, obviously, it is a misunderstanding.

gravure printing is all presented as the roll film style

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