What's the software/hardware that rotogravure printing required?

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Rotogravure printing, as 1st step of whole the flexible packaging production process, its main purpose is printed the graphic design onto the packaging materials.

So, what component it required?

1-gravure printing inks and solvent

gravure printing inks and solvent

The printing inks is the essential hardware of this process, and the solvent is mainly used for diluting the ink density and improving its lubrication level, they need to be matched together as per a certain of proportioning.

2-gravure roll

gravure roll

It is the carrier between printing ink and packaging materials, in charge of printing the ink onto the surface of materials by the rolling method, usually, each pc of cylinder is equate to one kind of color, for example, your graphic design is included 8 colors, that means it require 8 pcs of rotogravure printing cylinder.

3-printed packaging materials

printed packaging materials

That is the common used packaging materials for the rotogravure printing, such as PET and BOPP.

4-gravure printing machine

gravure printing machine

It is the main carrier of above hardware condition, it can be said that, the gravure printing machine is the decisive element of printing effect.

5-rotogravure printing machine operator

rotogravure printing machine operator

To operate the gravure printing machine, usually, it requires 4 rotogravure operators (1 captain/2 operating staff/1 QC assistant).

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