Quotes of flexible packaging from worldwide clients

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Fenbo Packaging located in Shantou, Guangdong, China-the origin place of China flexible packaging industry. As one of leading flexible packaging suppliers of China, Fenbo Packaging is dedicated to the manufacturing of flexible packaging with different presentation for over 20 years. Recetnly, we got some quotes of flexible packaging from worldwide clients.

1. Hi, please could you advise both pouch and machine for: Butter/almond peanut spread cream texture. Our temeperature when we currently fill in glass packaging is 85oC down to 45oC at resting. We wish a size similar to 8cm wide x 17cm height. And average of 120-150gsm serving. Our is low output. We look for also monomaterial or biodegradable materials. Please kindly contact me back suggesting your best suitable options, pricier and conditions overall. We are form Colombia. Thank you

2. Hey There, We are packaging our butter business and need a container for this. Criteria: 1. Plastic 2. Tall container to put labeling on 3. Custom labeling 4. 8 oz to 1 pound 5. dimensions of the container If we could get any information of the variety that meets these requirements, it would be appreciated! Give me a call if it makes it easier or if you have any questions! 

3. Dear Sales Please send us the price quote for the item listed below: 450 ml Single Blood Bag (Carton) Quantities: 186, Payment Terms : Net thirty (30) days from date of invoice upon receipt of our official Purchase Order (PO). Your urgent response will be highly appreciated 

4. We are looking for a white spout (5 mm) in the 200K to 1M piece range that will be ordered on a regular basis, so please send us pricing if we are going to buy 200K, 500K, or 1M.

5. Hello, I’m representing a cocktail company looking to source a large number of bespoke aluminium pouches for a new product. Starting quantity of 250k. We’re hoping to determine if this is feasible via your company and if so what the quoted price is likely to be per unit. We would also like to get a preview sample of the final pouch if possible. We would welcome to arrange a meeting to discuss this project in more detail. Kind regards

flexible packaging

6. Request quotation for zip lock & sealable pouch 1000 pieces 

7. hi we need spout pouch for 1 kg mayonnaise, qty 1000, plz tell me price per pies thank

8. Hi, good morning. For the developmet of proyect we need to quotate the following products: The quantity requiered for puerchase would be 500.000 unds of each product.

9. Good day, We distribute dietary supplements and are currently looking for a new packaging supplier, especially for tins and doypacks. You are welcome to send us an offer both with print and without print. The minimum order quantity is your minimum order quantity. We look forward to a long-term cooperation.

Since the commencement of our business, we have served more than 30 industries. We have enough experience in dealing with both product end-users, traders and group packaging project, professional purchasers. If you are intersted in our flexible packaging, please contact us:

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