About the packing of flexible packaging products

Mar 08,2023 | Views: 293

Packing, it is necessary to each kind of merchandise, as well as the flexible packaging products, however, as per the different kind of flexible packaging, theirs packing exist a slight difference.

1-Inner packing

(1)poly bag: For the flexible pouch, its size is fixed(small/medium/large),however, to the flexible packaging film, its size must to be customized.


(2)stopper: this inner packing is specialized for the flexible packaging film, the main propose is protecting the core of roll film from a deformation during the transport process.


2-Barrier packing

foam boxes

Styrofoam box: this barrier packing is specialized for the shrink label, to protect the label from a "heat shrinkage" during the transportation

3-Carton packing

Packing carton: For the spout pouches, its size is fixed, however, to the other flexible packaging products(the other flexible pouch styles and flexible packaging film),theirs size must to be customized.

packing carton-spout pouches

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