What is the flexible packaging raw materials for printing?

Oct 09,2020 | Views: 193

About the flexible packaging raw materials for printing,it is mainly applied to the printing gravure,how many kinds they included,what is their characteristic and application scope?

flexible packaging raw materials for printing

  • PET(Polyethylene)

The biggest characteristic of PET is high application,as the printing layer,it can be laminated with different kinds of barrier layer materials or contact layer materials to constitute a different materials structure,meanwhile,this kind of flexible packaging raw material is suitable for all kind of flexible packaging products with special requirement,such as normal level PET,pasteurized level PET,retorted level PET or matt level PET and etc.

  • BOPP(Bi-axial Oriented PolyPropylene)

The biggest characteristic of BOPP is high brightness,comparing with PET materials,its application scope is much narrower,for example,as the printing layer,it is not suitable for the printing of spout pouch or lidding film.

  • Printable Nylon(Printable Polyamide)

Its biggest characteristic is high contractility,its application scope is the smallest,that is only applied to the printing of lidding film.

It is worth mentioning that,kraft paper is also belong to flexible plastic packaging raw materials for printing,but it is”special”,because,in a strict sense,it should not be sorted as the”plastic”.

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