Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine – Overview

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Whether you’re new to a packaging machine or adding premade pouch packaging machine to your product series, you would be more interested in how these machines operate. We are discussing step by step procedures involved in converting an empty premade pouch into a shelf-ready completed product. Let’s go through the stand up pouch filling machines introduction deeply explained in this write up for you.


Introduction and Features of Automatic Pouch Filling Machines and Sealing


Bag Filling and sealing machines can be structured with an inline or rotary output. This design conserves plant floor space and is designed with an ergonomics strategy which is more popular than inline models. Rotary automatic pouch packing machines catch a predesigned pouch, fill it with the product, and seal it at a speed of up to two hundred bags per minute. This process is required to move the bag in an intermittent rotary fashion to various zones mentioned in a circular layout. Each station carries out a different and crucial packaging job. There are almost 7 to 10 stations in a circular layout. However, eight stationed machines are considered the perfect configuration for packaging and sealing jobs. Automatic pouch filling machines are also available in two, four or six lanes structure. Let’s discuss how it works step by step.


1. Bag Loading 

The required pouches are loaded manually by an operator into the bag magazine and the bags are conveyed by a bag feeding roller into the machines.


2. Bag Gripping  

Once a bag is detected by a sensor, a vacuum bag loader takes the pouch and transfers it to a set of grippers. It will hold the bag as it moves around rotary machines to various stations.


3. Optional Printing

If printing is required, such equipment must be located at the station. Pouch fill and seal machines can use both thermal and inkjet printers. The printer print required dates or lot codes on the pouches.


4. Bag Filling 

Product is dropped into the bag funnel available in the bag. For powder products, an auger filer is utilized. For liquid products, the product is pumped into the bag by liquid filler with a nozzle. The filling apparatus is responsible for the perfect measurement and removal of discrete quantities of product dropped into each premade pouch.


Final Verdict 

However, there are multiple options available for bag filling and sealing in detail but we have made you read in short to understand its complete procedure and operation. Once you work or operate pouch filling or sealing doypack machine, you will get used to it automatically.   


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