Announcement! Our semi auto stand up pouches machines had been discontinued

Nov 29,2021 | Views: 442

From November 11, 2021, our semi auto stand up pouches machines series had been discontinued and replaced by our full automatic stand up pouches machine FB-ZCX series.



Why the FB-CXZ-4 and FB-CXZ-3B went out of production?

1-Labor cost

It is widely known that COVID-19 cause the globe labor cost in the upward trend, as well as the China mainland. Because this series of stand up pouches machinery required a few worker to keep on hanging empty pouch upon the turntable of stand up pouches machines, that cause the labor cost of this series machine presented in a geometric growth.

2-Production costs

This series of semi auto stand up pouches machines began in 2000, by technological innovation of 20 years, the technology of full automatic stand up pouches machine is quite mature, consider it on the production costs, to production a set of semi-auto stand up pouch machine is equal to the production costs of full automatic stand up pouches machine.

About the FB-ZCX series (replaced of FB-CXZ-4 and FB-CXZ-3B),please refer to:

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