what’s the relationship between packaging roll film and machine die cutting draft?

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machine die-cutting draft,it is a piece of machine design draft which supplied by the packing machine manufacturer,no matter which kind of machinery style(horizontal or vertical) to be,it is quite necessary,because it is relate to the typesetting of the artwork,and also how to finish the production of packaging roll film correctly.

machine die cutting draft

  • What information the machine die-cutting draft offer?

1-typesetting of artwork

typesetting of artwork

This data will prompt your designer where to input the front side/back side while they design the artwork of plastic packaging roll film.

2-running forward of film

running forward of film

This data will prompt us which forward is the right one while the film is running on the machine.

3-dimension and location of photocell

dimension and location of photocell

This data is an important basis to discern the”film cutting point” on machine,when the tracking component of machine check out it,the machine will prompt the packing machine to finish the form/fill/seal process.

  • How to evaluatation of production output of film?

As per these information of machine die-cutting draft,we can calculate out a reference data of production output(such as how many units of pouch can be production per 1000kg),this information will be helpful to confirm how many kg of film you need(to match your actually production output per month).

Here it need to be pointed out that these information of machine die-cutting draft must be correct and completed(above 3 information is all indispensable),as you know,the artwork draft is designed based on them,and the packaging roll films is production based on the artwork draft,if there is any information missing or mistaken,the result will be chain reaction.

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