Why the packaging of shrink sleeves is so important?

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What is shrink sleeves? it is a kind of film packaging materials which is applied to packaging container, seamed with an openings on the top and bottom to create a "sleeve”, once heat is applied to them, the sleeve will begin to shrink or compress to container.

shrink sleeves

This shows shrink sleeves is a kind of “heat sensitive” materials, “heating” is the ultimate cause for its shrinkaging, so, what kind of "heating “situation can be divided into?

Active “heating”

This kind of situation means the sleeve auto shrinkage by the shrink sleeve applicator during the production process.

Passive “heating”

Another kind of situation means the shrink sleeves auto shrinkage as the improper packaging during the transportation process.

Let’s be clear that the temperature is unpredictable during the transportation process from your supplier to your plant. For example, the goods need to be load in the ocean container and shipping to the destination of your country, as the ocean container is exposed to the sun and rain for a few months, what temperature to be inside it? Nobody knew it, so, we need to estimate any worst case and strengthen the packaging of shrink sleeves labels.

How to choose an appropriate packaging for shrink sleeves?

1-Styrofoam box

As the super characteristic against the heat and the cooling, Styrofoam box is the most appropriate packaging to protect it. 

Styrofoam box

2-Alumimin foil

If the goods need to be long time shipment (for example 2-3 months), before put the goods inside the Styrofoam box, it need to cover a layer of aluminum foil outside the sleeve, once it is encounter the water vapor (cooling weather) or the damage of Styrofoam box (to be vandalism), aluminum foil can supply the second time protect in time.

3-outside carton

outside carton

To protect the Styrofoam box.

To the shrink sleeves suppliers, they are well known how important to these packaging, however, as these packaging need to be customized, plus these packaging cost will be improved the unit price of the goods, in order to defeat the other competitors, they prefer to select using the other cheaper packaging to instead of them, sure, it is a kind of short-sighted behavior.

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