How to design the background color of packaging film roll?

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When your designer start to finish the artwork of packaging film roll, “your suggestion” maybe consider and inlaid into the design contents and let the color design of artwork vivid and meet with your requirement, there’s nothing wrong with it, however, he or you usually ignore one important thing, that is the photocell eye mark tracking function of the machine sachet.

For example, the photocell color of packaging film rollstock is black and the background color of your artwork is dark series, because these two colors are belong to the dark color series, eye mark tracking function will be easy to miss-judge the background color as the color of eye mark and finish the process of "form fill seal" in advanced.

wrong background color design of packaging film roll

How to avoid this problem happening?

1-It is better to design the single series background color, if background color need to include 2-3 different colors, don’t select the color series with high difference.

2-Design the color series of photocell eye mark is different from the one of background. For example: photocell eye mark is light color series, then background need to be dark color series.

How to do if the printed packaging film roll exist this problem?

Closed the photocell eye mark tracking function of the machine, let it operate the process of "form fill seal “by fixed pouch dimension, however, this method is impossible to solve the problem exactly, because the machine must be exist a certain operation tolerance, finally, the finished pouch will happened the” image displacement” .

image displacement

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