What is the basic component of spout bag packing machine?

Aug 04,2022 | Views: 13

What is the basic component of spout bag packing machine? And where is their detailed location?

basic component of spout bag packing machine

1-Main machine part

2-Pouch loader

3-Machine turntable

4-Dusty-proof cover (optional)

5-Pneumatic control cabinet of spout bag packing machine

6-Material pump (hopper)

7-Filling device group

8-Cleaning device group

9-Plastic cap elevator(optional)

10-Vibrating tray& plastic cap loading device

11-Capping device group

Above 11 basic components compose the standard configuration spout bag packing machine in our ZCX series, which is ZCX-B series. If some optional basic component is unnecessary and need to reduced, that is 9 basic components compose the low configuration spout bag filling machines, which is ZCX-A series.

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