Technical parameters of spout and cap

Aug 20,2019 | Views: 1470

To production the spout and cap,the pouch spout manufacturer need to make a technical draft,which included the technical parameters,it can be divided into two kinds,one is the technical draft with basic technical parameters,another is the technical draft with detailed technical parameters,usually,it is presented as “3D Diagram”.

sure,it doesn’t means they will offer you the”3D diagram”,because you owning it,that means you can create the mold of spout and cap by yourself,however,asking for the technical draft with basic technical parameters is reasonable.

technical draft  of spout and cap

Meanwhiles,it is necessary to pay attention to below two technical parameters,because it will relate to the spout pouch packaging machine in future.

1-inner diameter (ID) of plastic spout

inner diameter(ID) of pour spouts

2-plastic spouts step (gap)

plastic spouts step (gap)

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