spout pouch

spout pouch

spout pouch

what is a spout pouch?

spout pouch,also known as fitment pouches,it is a kind of flexible packaging bags with gusseted sides or bottoms and assembled with a recloseable fitment

As a kind of once underestimated packaging,now it has became a kind of new packaging trend of food industry or non-food industry and becoming more prevalent across many industries due to advances in flexible packaging materials and an increasingly wide variety of convenient fitments,alike for packing liquid, viscous and fine powder products,it is available in a range of different shapes and sizes,this is the perfect format for providing powerful branding and attractive on shelf product presentation
Spout pouches are available with a range of different spout fittings and delivery methods depending on your product requirements and filling capabilities,and to be an innovative and convenient alternative to rigid glass, metal and plastic bottles

basic knowledge of spout pouch
types of spout bag
types of spout bag May 24 , 2019 As per the location of spout cap/guest and pouch shape,thespout bagcan be divided into below 5 types doypack with top spout location of spout cap top and center location of gusset bottom pouch shape... Read More
spout pouch material structure
spout pouch material structure Jul 04 , 2019 As per the different packaging content,the spout pouch material structure can be divided into below few types Top spout doy pack material structure... Read More
dimension of spoutbags
dimension of spoutbags Jul 09 , 2019 below is the common used dimension forspoutbags(presuming the filling content is the water) top spout doypack corner spout doypack cheer packwith spout Read More
filling and sealing method of spout bag with cap
filling and sealing method of spout bag with cap Jul 11 , 2019 As per the differentdoy style/spout step/filling place,the filling method ofspout bag with capcan be divided into below few kinds Read More
article of spout pouch
Why the aluminium spout pouch need to add the Nylon layer?
Why the aluminium spout pouch need to add the Nylon layer? Sep 06 , 2019 Contrasting the aluminium spout pouch with the common doypack aluminium,we can find the main difference of material structure between them lies in the NYLON layer,so,why it need to add this layer? Ok,let's see what happens when we cancel the Nylon layer? PE is a kind of plastic that only could resist 100 degree in max and the heat sealing... Read More


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