Pros and Cons of Bottom-Aligned Information Stand Up Pouches Making

Dec 08,2023 | Views: 105
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In a previous article, I mentioned a type of stand up pouches with bottom-aligned information. This type of bag requires bottom alignment, which is related to the stand up pouch bag making machine used. The machine works by directly folding the roll film to form complete bags, resulting in text, graphics, or logos being concentrated in a specific area at the bottom corner plate. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this machine type? We will explain in detail in this article.



Diverse bag types: In addition to bottom gusset stand up pouch, this stand-up pouch making machine is also suitable for other bag types that require aligned edge information, such as side gusset bags and flat bottom pouch.

Wide range of bag sizes: It can easily handle bags ranging from the smallest 30 milliliters to the largest 20 kilograms, which ordinary types of stand-up pouch making machines cannot achieve.



Higher cost: This stand-up pouch making machine can be divided into old and new models, with prices of the machine type being nearly 1/3 to 2/3 more expensive than ordinary types of stand-up pouch making machines. This means that many flexible packaging manufacturers will not purchase multiple units of this machine type.

Slower bag-making speed: Due to its working principle of "folding roll film into stand up pouches," the machine's bag-making speed is slower, often leading to delivery delays.


In conclusion, the bottom-aligned information stand-up pouch making machine offers versatility in handling various bag types and sizes. However, its higher cost and slower bag-making speed are notable drawbacks that potential buyers should consider. Understanding these pros and cons can help packaging manufacturers make informed decisions when choosing stand up pouches for their production needs.

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