What is pouch making process?

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pouch making, although it is also belong to one of flexible packaging production process, strictly speaking, it is specialized for the production of flexible pouch, the main purpose is made the roll film into the product pouch.

1-soft and hard conditions

(1)pouch making machine

pouch making machine

it can be said that, it is the main carrier of whole the pouch making process, it can be divided into many kinds, and each kind of pouch making machine only could production two different kinds of pouch style or single production a special style of pouch.

(2)pouch making mould

pouch making mould

Besides the 3-side sealed pouch, to make the other kinds of pouch style, it all required this mould to punch the pouch shape on the pouch making machine, each mould is unique and non-universal.

(3)pouch making operators

To operate the pouch making machine, usually, it require 4 pouch making operators(1 captain/2 operating staff/1 QC assistant).

2-basic pouch making process

(1)selection of machine style for special pouch making and installation of pouch making mould

selection of pouch machine style and installation of pouch making mould

(2)initial debugging

This process can be divided into below two sections

  • Low speed debugging: this section should keep at a low operating speed, in order to debugged out the precise pouch dimension/edge sealing/pouch shape and etc, during this sections, the loss of time and materials are huge, it need to take 3-4hours,as each parameter didn't get into a state, so all thepouch makingduring this section is non-available.
  • Medium speed debugging: this section undertake the best parameters of low speed debugging and keep at medium operating speed, during this period, a small percent parameters error is belong to normal phenomenon, the machine captain should keep on debugging the best parameters and let them go toward a stabilization, all the pouches made during this section is still non-available.

(3)batch production

When all the parameters get into a best state(enough stable),the operating speed could be adjust to the high speed, the batch production can be started.

(4)sampling inspection

sampling inspection, it is almost run through whole the pouch production process(from the initial debugging until the finishing of batch production),it required the QC assistant own considerable experience and insight, in order to help the pouch making machine captain to find out the “problem pouches”, and in charge of the testing of pouch quality.

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