Why the bottom gusset of standing pouch happen info displacement?

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Provided observing the bottom gusset of standing pouch carefully, you might detect one thing: that is some ones with "displacement of information”, and some ones with "information concentration ".For example:

two different bottom gusset information of standing pouch

1-why to cause these two situation?

Simply speaking, they used the different kind of stand up pouch making machine.

(1)"displacement of information”

The pouch making machine made the bottom gusset inserting into the bottom of standing pouch, however, because of the operation tolerance and time gap, the information displacement happened.

bottom gusset of stand up pouch packaging happen information displacement

(2)"information concentration”

The pouch making machine made the roll film will be “folded” and constitute into a” complete”pouch directly.

bottom gusset of stand up pouch packaging happen information concentration

2-what is their difference?

The different bottom gusset style for different hermetic seal

(1)"displacement of information”

The hermetic seal of this kind of stand up pouch packaging is the best, it is widely used for the packaging of all kind of product, such as the liquid, semi liquid.

(2)"information concentration”

Its hermetic seal is not so perfect, and is more suitable for the packaging of non-liquid products, such as powder, granules and etc.

So, when you start to make a standing pouch design, you should be well known their difference, also combining with the characteristic of your products, in order to avoid making a wrong design about it.

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