manual filling machine for spout doypack


manual filling machine for spout doypack,it is a kind of simple type spouted pouch filler which is suitable for the low production output or using this kind of machine first is based on the reference of the foreign similar products, is a new design added some additional functionality .it makes an easy job and convenient for the operation, accuracy error, filling volume adjustment, machine cleaning and maintenance.The design of this pneumatic filling machine adopts the pneumatic components instead of the electrical controlling circuit, so it is suitable for the use in the environment with the explosion-proof requirements.

Working process of manual filling machine for spout doypack:
-manual pouch feeding
-No pouch detectionfixed position filling(auto version or manual version)
-manual capping


A. The manual filling machine for spout doypack uses the compressed air the for controlling, it has high safety especially suitable for use under the explosion-proof requirements.
B. It won't generate static electricity and hemp electricity phenomenon;the machine does not need to connect the grounding wire.
C. Due to the pneumatic controlling and fixed filling volume, the filling volume is therefore characteristic with high precision,which can be controlled within 0.3%.(this is basis on maximum filling volume)
D. In the case of emergency stop, you just need to turn off the pneumatic switch, the piston will be pulled automatically back to the starting position, and the machine will stop filling.

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