Enquiries about stand up pouches with zipper

Feb 18,2022 | Views: 243

Fenbo Packaging located in Shantou, Guangdong, China-the origin place of China flexible packaging industry. As one of leading flexible packaging suppliers of China, Fenbo Packaging is dedicated to the manufacturing of stand up pouches with different presentation for over 20 years. Recetnly, we got some enquiries of stand up pouches with zipper from worldwide clients.

1. Product: kraft stand up zipper pouches | paper pouch packaging-FBLLZL018

Enquire: Hey, I'm looking to customize stand up pouches made with the kraft material. I will be needing different sizes and preferably with artwork that I've designed printed on it. It would be of 100-250-750grams sizes but dimensions may vary. There will be a print on the front along with a clear circular window while the back would be printed. More than 2 colors will be used in this process. I can send you videos as examples. Thanks

kraft stand up zipper pouches

2. Product: black ziplock stand up pouches | stand up pouch food grade packaging-FBLLZL036

Enquire: Hello Is it possible to order with size 85x145x50 in black and white matt? Thank you for your answer

black ziplock stand up pouches

3. Product: clear stand up zip pouches bags | snack food packages-FBLLZL010

Enquire: I need such clear transparent stand up pouches ...pls share rate for all sizes.

clear stand up zip pouches bags

4. Product: 100gram stand up ziplock Philippines, healthy snack packs-FBLLZL006
Enquire: Dear Sir/Madam, I from Kazakhstan, Almaty city. Interested in snack packs-FBLLZL006, 100gram stand up ziplock Philippines. 1. Minimum orde; 2. Price; 3. Package size; 4. If we provide design, do you put it on package? Later, I think I will order from you- doy packaging machine, spout pouchpacking machine and spout doy-pack for drinks. For long-term cooperation give me low prices. Good luck!

5. Product: stand up packing pouch ziplock for spices | packaging spices-FBLLZL003
Enquire: I would like to enquire about pouch manual female filling machine and stand up pouch sealer. Also how much are the zipper pouch which i can use to pack 250g and 400g peanut butter. Regards

Since the commencement of our business, we have served more than 30 industries. We have enough experience in dealing with both product end-users, traders and group packaging project, professional purchasers. If you are intersted in our stand up pouches with zipper, please contact us: [email protected]

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