Quotes of heat sealed stand up bags from clients

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Fenbo Packaging located in Shantou, Guangdong, China-the origin place of China flexible packaging industry. As one of leading flexible packaging suppliers of China, Fenbo Packaging is dedicated to the manufacturing of stand up pouches with different presentation for over 20 years. Recetnly, we got some quotes of heat sealed stand up bags from worldwide clients.

1. Product: kraft paper stand up pouches pakistan | powder packaging-FBRFZL023
Quote: We need pouches for chilli powder packing manually. in 100_ 200 grams

2. Product: kraft paper stand up pouches pakistan | powder packaging-FBRFZL023
Quote: Hi, I need some paper Kraft pouches for spice productions and I would appreciate if you could send me your catalog along with the minimum quantity of orders and the price.

kraft paper stand up pouches

3. Product: kraft stand up barrier pouches | kraft paper packaging-FBRFZL019
Quote: I want to know about this stand up Pouch and price

kraft stand up barrier pouches

4. Product: abricantes bolsa tipo doypack metalizada | empaques doy pack-FBRFZL024

Quote: Good day. Kindly send me product details and pricing for the plastic stand-up pouches for Spice application. Thank you

bolsa tipo doypack

5. Product: 1.5 Liter wine doy bag pouch stand up vin with spout-FBRFZLA039 

Quote: Looking for standing pouch, spout pouch, wine pouch, pillow pouch for BiB. Product range Oil, Juice, pulp, sauce, dairy, honey, jam, jelly. Volume range 0.5 to 5 L.

6. Product: stand up pouch kraft with window | pack of peanuts-FBRFZL022 

Quote: Bonjour, rnje souhaite des emballage papier (non plastique) pour emballer des produits secs bio, type farine ou flocons, en taille de 500g + 1kg + 5kg.rnces produits ne subissent pas de pasteurisation ou de stérilisation,rndans l'attente de votre retour

7. Product: doypack china suppliers | doy style bag packaging-FBRFZL027 

Quote: Hi! We need doypack bags for our product. 27cm long x 18cm width + 5cm. They have to be printed with our design. Material: we dont need Aluminum. closing: zip-lock

8. HI: We are looking for stand up pouches for juices, mayonnaise, tomate sauce, cleaners, chlorine. Could you please quote them?. Thanks 

9. Wich one of your fillers will you recommend for filling 10 l of water in plastic stand up pouches with 22 mm sided caps

Since the commencement of our business, we have served more than 30 industries. We have enough experience in dealing with both product end-users, traders and group packaging project, professional purchasers. If you are intersted in our heat sealed stand up bags, please contact us:

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