6 key point of making stand up pouch design template

Sep 12,2019 | Views: 386

To finish the stand up pouch design template,plus the content proofreading and correction,usually,it require to take 1-2 week ,so,what need to pay attention while you designing it?

1-what is the stand up pouch sizes?

that is the length,width,flat bottom gusset and edge sealing width.

stand up pouch sizes

2-what kind of material structure the pouch adopted by?

If it is adopted by the material structure without the Aluminum Foil or the Metalized-PET,the color of graphic should be used the highlight one as much as possible.

3-the graphic format

Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is necessary.

graphic format of stand up pouch

4-the layer of graphic

It should be layering and unlocked.

graphic layer of stand up pouch design

5-the graphic colors

It must be marked out all the including colors,if it is related to some special spot color,the pantone color number must be listed out.

graphic colors of stand up pouch design

6-the content of graphic

The stand up pouch artwork should be far away the edge sealing area of pouch,such as company logo/image,name,address or ingredients list and etc.

graphic content of the stand up pouch artwork

Besides above key points,if your graphic designer can get a reference sample pouch,or has relative experience of designing the flexible packaging,it will be great helpful and speed up the stand up pouch design.

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