working principle of vertical pouch packing machine

Aug 13,2019 | Views: 1265

Simply speaking,the basic working principle of vertical pouch packing machine start with a large roll of film,form it into a pouch shape,fill the pouch with product,and seal the pouch edge,they all in a vertical fashion,that is vertical form fill seal.

working principle of tube style vffs machines

  • vertical pouch packing machine is prepared by loading the appropriate film roll.
  • film winds through a series of rollers and is shaped into a tube.
  • tube is closed at the bottom by clamps creating the bottom of the bag.
  • raw material is dropped into the half formed bag.
  • bag is sealed at the top.
  • seal forms the bottom of the next bag.
  • bottom seal is cut in the middle separating the bag from the next one.

working principle of collar vertical pouch packing machine

  • film from reel made into a tube over forming shoulder.
  • longitudinal seal made.
  • bottom of tube closed by heated crimped jaws which move downwards drawing film from reel.
  • predetermined quantity of product falls through collar into pouch.
  • jaws open and return on top of stroke.
  • jaws partially close and ‘scrape’ product into pouch out of seal area.
  • jaws close,crimp heat seal top of previous pouch and bottom of new one.
  • crimp sealed container cut off with knife.

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