Why the spouted bags happen a leakage problem?

Oct 15,2020 | Views: 832
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Spouted bags have become increasingly popular among consumers due to their convenience and functionality. However, the issue of leakage has been a persistent problem that has plagued spout pouch manufacturers and consumers alike. In this essay, we will explore the reasons why spouted bags experience leakage problems.


Leakage in spouted bags occurs when the packaging content seeps out from the pouch edge or spout sealing area due to external or non-external forces. Non-external forces are typically caused by human error, such as using the wrong material structure or purchasing second-hand materials. External forces, on the other hand, occur during transportation or pasteurization processes, and are often caused by poor manufacturing techniques, such as using too high a heat sealing temperature for the pouch edge or spout sealing area.


It is important to note that the acceptable leakage percentage for spouted pouch should not exceed 0.3% for external force leakage. However, if the leakage is caused by non-external forces, the percentage can be much higher, ranging from 10% to 30% or even more.


To avoid these two situations,spout bag suppliers must take certain measures. Firstly, they must use fresh raw materials that are produced before the batch production starts. Secondly, they must have an excellent lamination process, which is a key factor in producing qualified spout bags. Thirdly, they must have experienced machine operators who can handle the process of pouch making and spout sealing correctly. Fourthly, they must use a spouted bag leak detection system and increase the sampling frequency to ensure that any leakage problems are detected and addressed promptly.


In conclusion, the issue of leakage in spouted bags can be prevented through a combination of proper raw materials, excellent lamination processes, experienced machine operators, and frequent sampling inspections. By taking these measures, manufacturers can ensure that their spoutbag are of high quality and meet the expectations of consumers.

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