How to define the quality of spouted pouch?

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What is a qualified spouted pouch? I believe most of you will think of the printing effect of pouch, however, to a certain extent, this is the judgment by visual only, besides it, a qualified of spout pouch with cap should be involved another important factor, that is the leakage problem.

1-perfect printing effect

How to define a perfect printing effect? Here is two judgment criteria as below:

(1)Can it be matched up the printing effect of paper printing proof up to 90%-95% similar?

(2)Low defective radio of printing

Defective rate of printing means the occurrence proportion of printing defect during the production process, such as overprint deviation, chromatic aberration and etc. be honest, these problems are hard to be eradicated completely during the production process, and the printing defective rate should be controlled within 0.3%.

2-low leakage problem

Leakage problem means the packaging content leakage from the spouted bags’ edge or from the spout sealing area through a external force or non-external force acts.Usually,this problem happens during the transportation after the filling of spouted pouch or while your products are displaying on the show case of supermarket.Can you identify this problem in advance? The answer is negative, because leak aging problem is hidden, and caused due to the production process of your spout pouch supplier, however, meanwhile, the leak aging problem is also caused by a lot of comprehensive reason and hard to be eradicated completely during the production process, the leakage rate within 0.3% is reasonable and acceptable.

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