How to define the quality of spouted pouch?

Sep 17,2020 | Views: 853
Defining the quality of a spouted pouch is essential in ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of the packaging for various products. While many may initially consider the printing effect of the pouch as the main indicator of quality, it is important to also consider the issue of leakage as a crucial factor in determining the qualification of a spout pouch with cap.


The printing effect of a spout pouch is often the first aspect that comes to mind when assessing its quality. A perfect printing effect can be defined by two main criteria. Firstly, it should closely match the printing effect of a paper printing proof, reaching a similarity of 90%-95%. This ensures that the design and branding on the pouch are accurately and attractively represented. Secondly, the defective rate of printing should be low, ideally controlled within 0.3%. This means that the occurrence of printing defects such as overprint deviation and chromatic aberration should be minimized during the production process. While it may be challenging to completely eradicate these issues, a low defective rate is indicative of a high-quality printing effect.


In addition to the printing effect, the issue of leakage is equally important in defining the quality of a spouted pouch. Leakage problems can occur when the packaging content seeps from the pouch's edge or the spout sealing area due to external or non-external forces. This can lead to product wastage and damage during transportation and display. Identifying leakage problems in advance is difficult as they are often hidden and can be caused by various factors including the production process of the spout pouch supplier. However, it is crucial to ensure that the leakage rate is within 0.3%, as this is considered reasonable and acceptable in the industry.


In conclusion, a qualified spouted pouch should not only exhibit a perfect printing effect but also have a low leakage problem. By meeting the criteria of a high-quality printing effect and minimizing the occurrence of leakage, a spout pouch can be deemed as qualified and reliable for packaging various products. These factors are essential in ensuring the functionality and effectiveness of spouted bags in the market.


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