Why the spouted bags happen a leakage problem?

Oct 15,2020 | Views: 750

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Just as I mentioned in my pre-article, the leakage problem of spouted bags means the packaging content leakage from the pouch edge or from the spout sealing area through a external force or non-external force acts. But, why it will be happened?

1-Through a non-external force acts

Usually, this kind of situation is caused artificially, for example, the spout pouch manufacturers use a wrong material structure, or purchasing the second-hand materials to production them.

2-Through an external force acts

Usually,this kind of situation is happened during the transportation process after the filling of spouted bags,or during the pouch pasteurization process,objectively speaking,it is caused by the technical of the manufacturers do not up to grade,for example:a too high heat sealing temperature of pouch edge or spout sealing area.

As I mentioned before,the leakage percent of spouted pouch should not beyond 0.3%,but it is only applicable to the 2nd situation,if the spouted bags happens leakage problem through a non-external force acts,it will not be so optimistic,maybe 10%-30%,or even more.

So, how to avoid these two situations? Actually, you are powerless for them, but the spout bag suppliers can be, for example:

1-Raw materials

The materials must be “freshest”, that is they should be produced before you start the batch production, never not used the second-hand one.

2-Excellent lamination process

Excellent lamination is one of key factors to product the qualified spoutbag.

3-Rich experience of pouch making/spout seal

During the process of pouch making and spout sealing, any incorrect handling could let the leakage problem to be hidden, so, the experienced machine operator is the key to search out these problem.

4-Leakage testing method and a frequent sampling inspection

It is far from enough if only depend on the rich experience of the machine operators, meanwhile, using the spouted bags leak detection system and increasing the sampling frequency is necessary.

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