Why the price of flat bottom pouches is expensive?

Oct 04,2021 | Views: 536

As a classic gusset pouch styles,flat bottom pouches can be assembled with a zip lock, degassing valve, even the spout cap, and widely applied to the solid or liquid foods, when you get it as your product’s packaging and exhibiting it on the supermarket shelf, undoubtedly, it will be the unique existence there. However, at the same time, may you find the products selling price used this kind of packaging is slight higher than the one used the other flexible packaging. And why? Exactly, the unit price of this kind of packaging is expensive.

1-More extended dimension

Flat bottom pouches own 5 showed side, offers more support for easy storage when packing your product. however, it is at the expense of extending the pouch dimension by 20%-30%,so,in order to production this kind of packaging, it need to prepare 20%-30%more materials.

extended dimension of flat bottom pouches

2-Special pouch making machine

Usually, the normal style pouch making machine can be product 2-3 kinds of different pouch style at the same time, however, flat bottom pouch making machine is only specialized for the production of quad flat bottom pouch, it is uniqueness, and its cost is twice expensive than the one of normal style pouch making machine.

flat bottom pouch machine

3-Low production output

For the daily capacity offlat bottom pouch machine, it is only 1/4 of normal style pouch making machine, under the same preconditions of production time, the averaged unit cost is much expensive than the one of other pouch style.

Additional, as the uniqueness of flat bottom pouch bag, its requirement of airtight is high, during the production process, it need to improve the airtight testing ratio, and the pouch losing cause by these testing also need to be included in the unit cost of pouch.

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