gusset pouch

gusset pouch

gusset pouch

what is a gusset pouch?

gusset pouch is a kind of pouch with both side gusset or bottom gusset(side gusset pouch or flat bottom gusset bags),when the bag is filled,the gusset will be flattened out and present as a"three-dimensional"view effect,thus offering an elegant appearance to attract customers on the shelves.

This kind of gusset bag packaging is perfect for wholesale packaging in the tea and coffee industry or retail packaging of products such as snacks,pet food and sports nutrition etc,ideally suited for the pack sizes between 500g and 20kg,without the absence of a back seal,you can benefit from uninterrupted brand messaging on all four of the pouch’s panels and giving retailers more options for shelf display,a reinforced structure makes it visually appealing on supermarket shelves and affords the opportunity to enlarge your marketing and promotional messaging by utilising high quality print.

basic knowledgeb of gusset pouch
gusset pouch styles
gusset pouch styles May 30 , 2019 As per the different place for the gusset of pouch,the gusset pouch styles can be divided into below two kinds bag with side gusset place of gusset side gusset bottom gusset bag place of gusset side gusset... Read More
gusseted pouch bag materials structure
gusseted pouch bag materials structure Jul 23 , 2019 As per the different pouch styles,the gusset bag materials structure can be divided into below few types. material structure of bag with side gusset BOPP/LLDPE BOPP/Metalized-PET/LLDPE... Read More
article of gusset pouch
How to subdivide the style of gusset pouches?
How to subdivide the style of gusset pouches? Sep 20 , 2019 what is a gusset bag that you need?they all owned both side gusset and look similar,however,after the filling of content,they will be quite different from the shape before the filling,So how to subdivide the styles of gusset pouches? side gusset pouch both side gusset and fin seal are the basic character of this kind of pouch,your products will be... Read More


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