Why the leakage problem of spouted bag is still continuing without end?

Jul 12,2021 | Views: 72

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As I mentioned in my pre-article,about the testing equipment and method for the leakage problem of spouted bag,actually,most of China spout pouch manufacturers have master these techniques and own these equipment,but,why the high percent leakage problem is still continuing without end?It is fair to say these technology and equipment is important,however,the other factors also can not be ignored.

1-Operator Experience

Here it means the operator experience of some important process.

(1)process of laminated:as the lack of experience,they can not perceive some problem hidden in the laminated process.

(2)process of pouch making: as the lack of experience,they can not anticipate the leakage possibility during the debugging phase.

(3)process of spout sealing:as the lack of experience,they can not find out a correct point of spout sealing temperature and solve the problem of sealing temperature tolerance.

This proves the experience is another key besides the the testing equipment and method.

2-Lose ratio of spouted bag

A good testing equipment and method should match an appropriate frequency of sampling inspection,because it can effective control the leakage percent below 0.3%,but also accompanied by a high loss on the pouch,frankly speaking,all the boss of spouted bag manufacturers may not be pleased to see it,As the higher frequency of sampling inspection,the fewer benefit space they lose,anyways,the pouch lose is borne by themselves,it push them reduce the frequency of sampling inspection as possible as they can,it is a kind of irresponsibe behavior.

3-Benefit space of spout pouch manufacturers

Frankly speaking,the benefit space of spouted bag is quite low,however,some customer always cut the profits of the suppliers as much as possible(maybe they is only focus in how to defeat theirs competitors by this factor),therefore,in order to save the benefit space,the spout bags manufacturers is always forced to use some unorthodox measures,such as using the second hand materials,reduceing the frequency of sampling inspection and etc.

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