What is standing pouch machine equipped with mini CIP station?

Sep 24,2022 | Views: 47

Reference article: How to internal cleaning the stand up pouch equipment?

                          CIP clean system of doypack packaging machines

As I mentioned in my pre-article,CIP clean system is the self-provisioned cleaning method of ZCX-B series standing pouch machine, it is required to assemble with the full-closed style material hopper, which matching with CIP main valve, bypass valve, breathing valve and etc to build up whole the set of CIP clean system. Meanwhile, contact with the CIP station to release three kind of cleaning water (ALKALINE, ACID, WATER), and standing pouch packing machine will auto start whole the cleaning process. However, as the investment of CIP station is quite high, approx at $75,000~$150,000, that cause some customers with small production output is indecisive to make a purchasing decision of standing pouch filling machines

CIP station

So, is it possible to solve this problem? Yes, in 2022, we had developped a kind of mini-CIP station to match up ZCX-B series standing pouch machine, that is pouring three kinds of cleaning liquid (ALKALINE, ACID, WATER) by manual and imitate the traditional CIP station to achieve the internal cleaning of material hopper/material feeding tube/filling peak, such as below video show.

Sure, this kind of mini-CIP station is impossible to instead of high production output CIP station, however, it will be enough for the low production output customer, meanwhile, its cost is 1/10 of the one of traditional CIP station only,absolutely, it is the good news for some customer need to import the standing pouch machine equipped with CIP cleaning system.

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