types of preformed pouch machine

May 31,2021 | Views: 303

General speaking,as per the difference of mainframe and packaging contents, the type of preformed pouch machine can be divided into two main category.

  • For powder/granules/liquid
  • For ready made foods

main category of preformed pouch machine

As per the difference of packaging contents, the mainframe of machine need to assemble with the different filling system,then,they can be subdivided into below few kinds,such as:

  • Power->auger filling pump
  • Liquid->liquid filling pump
  • Granule->multi-heads scale

detailed type of rotary preformed pouch packing machine

  • Regular shape ready made foods->circular cup feeding pump
  • Irregular shape ready made foods->retractable cup feeding pump

detailed type of preformed vacuum pouch packing machine

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